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Lexington KY 


Our mission

Our Location

We strive to provide current, accurate information your family can depend on.

We aim to:

Provide support by using a multidisciplinary care model, working with Primary Care Physicians and Wrap Around Support. We work together to support your entire family for all of your behavioral health needs in all stages of life.

Our Clients

Dr. Angela Spiers, EdD LPCC, has more than 20 years of behavioral healthcare experience. Dr. Spiers is also faculty that teaches clinicians in the area of mental health services. Furthermore, Dr. Spiers continues to create a behavioral health service for families. 

  Our expertise and experience combined consist of over 30 years of practice within the area of mental health practice. We teach, supervise and support upcoming clinicians in the mental health field. Licensed in the State of Kentucky. 

Behavioral health practice of dedicated, experienced licensed clinician that believes in working with our clients to maintain and improve their behavioral health and well being. We work together to serve your entire family for all of your behavioral health needs in all stages of life

​​Behavioral Health Services
Addiction and Recovery 
Anxiety and Depression issues
Life Transition and Grief 
Eating Disorder Issues 
Substance Use 
Adolescence Issues  
Consultation and Counseling 
Family and Marriage Issues 

Call 859-838-0999 for an appointment. Please note that if you are in crisis please call 911 or go to your local emergency department 


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